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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get a tax deduction for telecommuting?

Telecommuting and State Taxes State laws may differ from the federal tax law in how the states tax telecommuting employees, in addition to how they consider employee income and deductions. This includes the home office deduction. In general, a telecommuting employee pays taxes in the state where they perform their work 4.

Why are States going outside their borders to tax telecommuters?

The practice of states reaching outside their borders to tax telecommuters was an issue even before the coronavirus showed up, and it is getting more attention because of a spat between New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

How is the income of a telecommuter apportioned?

The majority of states apportion a taxpayer’s employment income based on where the taxpayer performs his or her services. A minority of states use the convenience of the employer test, under which in almost all cases a telecommuter’s income is apportioned entirely to the state in which the taxpayer’s employer is located.

Are there any tax issues with working remotely?

Employees working remotely could face issues with their taxes, including double state tax on wages depending on their state of residence and location of their employer. By: Jessica Thomas / December 02, 2019

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