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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the state of Connecticut a telework state?

The State of Connecticut has recognized the benefits of Telework through Connecticut General Statutes Section 5-248i and negotiated with the State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (“Coalition”) to credit an Interim Telework Program that will apply to specifically identified classifications.

What kind of jobs are there in Connecticut?

While Connecticut has one of the highest per capita incomes in the U.S., it also has one of the widest income gaps in the country and is home to a large proportion of millionaires. Finance, insurance, and real estate are the most important industries in the state, followed by the healthcare, engineering, and legal sectors.

Who are some of the largest employers in Connecticut?

The state capital is Hartford, where flexible work-friendly employers such as Aetna, Xerox, CareCentrix, and Travelers have their headquarters. Other well-known companies based in the state include General Electric, Cigna, Brooks Brothers, Duracell, ESPN, Kayak, Pepperidge Farm, Stanley Black and Decker, and Pitney Bowes, to name a few.

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