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Frequently Asked Questions

What does telecommute mean exactly?

telecommute(Verb) To work from home, sometimes for part of a working day or week, using a computer connected to one's employer's network or via the Internet. Etymology:From tele- + commute

What are the effects of telecommuting?

The Effects of Telecommuting. Telecommuting is a recent trend that allows individuals to perform their work from home, instead of making their presence at the office essential. The increase in telecommuting increases productivity, the opportunity to retain the needed skilled force, and the ability to be environmentally friendly.

Does telecommuting really work?

Key Takeaways Telecommuting involves working outside of a brick-and-mortar office and using technology to do your job. It's also known as teleworking, e-commuting, and working remotely. Many types of employers allow telecommuting. Some people telecommute full time, while others do only for a percentage of their work week. More items...

What is the problem of telecommuting?

There is potential risk that the employee may be injured from unsteady working conditions, such as checking emails while on a boat. Although telecommuters may not initially appear to be a noticeable workers' compensation risk, many employers could be unaware of the working conditions of their employees.

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