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Frequently Asked Questions

What is New York State view on telecommuting?

The TSB-M has taken on new importance with New York State’s current treatment of telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the difficulties surrounding meeting the bona fide office qualifications, employees may not get a reduction of New York State wages while working from home during the pandemic.

Is there a tax penalty for telecommuting in New York?

NY’s Telecommuting Tax Penalty. Section 601(e) of the New York State Tax Law imposes a personal income tax on a nonresident individual’s taxable income that is derived from New York sources. The tax is equal to the tax computed as if the individual were a New York State resident for the entire year, reduced by certain credits,...

What does it mean to be a telecommuter?

Telecommuting Arrangement means working from home or from a remote location one or more full days per week on a regular basis. This definition does not include telecommuting approved on a one-off or otherwise irregular basis, or any other arrangement excluded under this Policy.

Are there any states that do not allow telecommuting?

Some states, including Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio, have taken the position that there is no authority to amend their current laws to avoid requiring the withholding by the employers.

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