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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to telecommute at New York University?

This Policy establishes guidelines for Telecommuting Arrangements for covered employees of New York University in New York (hereinafter, “NYU” or “the University”). As detailed below, Telecommuting Arrangements are not a right or entitlement of employment – they are discretionary and subject to operational needs.

Do you have to have a telecommuting policy?

Nothing in this Policy requires any school, department, or unit to offer Telecommuting Arrangements. However, if a school, department, or unit decides to offer Telecommuting Arrangements, it must adhere to this Policy and notify covered employees that they can apply for Telecommuting Arrangements pursuant to this Policy.

What does it mean to be a telecommuter?

Telecommuting Arrangement means working from home or from a remote location one or more full days per week on a regular basis. This definition does not include telecommuting approved on a one-off or otherwise irregular basis, or any other arrangement excluded under this Policy.

How to make a request for a telecommuting arrangement?

To make a request for a Telecommuting Arrangement, the covered employee shall complete the Telecommuting Arrangement Request Form (PDF) and submit it to their supervisor.

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