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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any states that don't tax telecommuting?

The five other states—Delaware, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania—deviate from the aforementioned taxation methods by employing the convenience versus necessity test. 11 This allows these states to tax the income of a nonresident telecommuter if his or her employer is located in the state. 12

How long does it take for an employee to telecommute?

Project-specific telecommuting time must be arranged with a direct Management-level supervisor, on an as-needed basis. For those positions that do not require telecommuting, the wait period before an employee can apply to telecommute is a consecutive 18 months full time employment.

Do you have to telework from home in PA?

A Pennsylvania resident who is required to telework full-time from home in Pennsylvania rather than the employer’s location outside of the state should treat his compensation as Pennsylvania source income. Pennsylvania does not allow a taxpayer to claim a resident credit on Pennsylvania source income.

How does a taxpayer get paid for telecommuting?

In many cases, taxpayers telecommute from states outside the state in which their employers are located. The majority of states apportion a taxpayer’s employment income based on where the taxpayer performs his or her services.

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