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Frequently Asked Questions

How many users does Telegram have?

Whatsapp was in first place, according to Statista’s findings, with 600 million users. Statista agrees with the 200 million users figure that commonly appears on analytical websites, meaning Telegram has about a third the users that Whatsapp currently does.

What is Telegram cloud storage?

Telegram is a cloud based storage which means that data is stored on the cloud. Users can also select and configure when the data should be deleted from the cloud database. The time ranges from one hour to forever. The default is forever.

Which app consumes more data WhatsApp or telegram?

In the case of consumption data, WhatsApp is the clear winner: Telegram consumes more than double in a voice call is five minutes. a few weeks Ago that was implanted this feature in Telegram.

Why can't I download files on Telegram?

This is because all the data you download or send on Telegram is stored in the cache of your phone. That means the cache is useful to quickly access the files without downloading them, the downloaded and upload files are saved in a hidden cache folder which can’t be cleared from the App Info.

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