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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a teleprompter be used for?

Presidential teleprompters are ideal for use with live audiences, such as speeches, lectures, and exhibitions. Their monitors (or mirrored glass) are set at eye level and supported by a thin mast.

Which is the best mirror image teleprompter to buy?

Quality teleprompters made with easy-to-read screens even in the bright sunlight! Welcome to Mirror Image Teleprompters. For 35 years now, our customers have looked to us for honest answers and low cost, high quality prompting solutions. Mirror Image offers the widest range of products in the industry with units to fit every budget.

How do you play a script on a teleprompter?

HOW TO USE: Simply copy/paste your script into this window, adjust the font size and speed, and press the play button at the top. If you're reading your script on a teleprompter, the 'Horizontal Flip' button at the top flips your script to a mirror image. Read through our instructions below to learn about the features and hotkeys.

When does the next version of TelePrompTer come out?

This version was released on January 14th, 2021. HOW TO LOAD SCRIPTS: Copying/pasting can be done in Windows with CTRL+C / CTRL+V and on Mac with Command+C / Command+V. Looking to paste as plain text with no formatting?

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