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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the Telstra gateway login details?

The login details are usually printed on the bottom of the gateway. On the [email protected] 5355 the cable cover has to be removed. Telstra Gateway default IP address or or or Telstra Gateways default user names and passwords

How can I Reset my Telstra admin password?

I have tried all the usual passwords, admin, telstra, Telstra, password, Password, Administrator etc. Really frustrated now as I was getting round to chaning it but now can't even get in. Solved! Go to Solution. You must install or upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player before you can upload images.

How do I access my modem settings Telstra?

1. Open Command Prompt by holding WIN + X together and choose Command Prompt 2. Type ipconfig and hit Enter 3. Next to Default Gateway, the address will be listed. 1. Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences from the drop down menu

Is there a way to reset the gateway admin password?

I have a Telstra NBN Home gateway, 5535 model, never changed the admin password and for some reason cannot login in now. Is there some way I can reset the admin password and not do away with all other settings?

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