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Frequently Asked Questions

How does data logger temperature work?

The temperature data logger has three components - a sensor that collects temperature data , an internal memory to store temperature readings, and a microprocessor. The data logger is a small, battery-powered computer that can also be carried along. The computer passes small voltage through the thermocouple that is also known as A to D converter.

What is a data logger and how does it work?

A data logger works by measuring an environmental parameter such as temperature using an internal thermistor or external thermocouple and sensors. For example, the RTR-502 is a wireless temperature data logger with external sensor to record air, liquid and appliance temperatures.

What does data logger accuracy?

The accuracy a data logger can achieve at the high or low end of a given range may be far different from the accuracy at the middle of the range. Another important factor is data logger resolution; that is, the number of increments of a value a data logger is capable of reporting.

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