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Frequently Asked Questions

How to read a weather map?

Street View came to Hong Kong in March 2010, giving new life to the city on Google Maps ... weather in the past couple of months has been perfect for shooting – I’ve been out just about every single day,” says Ho, a fit 38-year-old Sha Tin native. RE ...

Who has the most accurate weather forecast?

California's ski resorts are digging out from under 5 to 9 feet of snow that has fallen over the last several days from a series of storms. And more snow is on the way. The big picture: A large dip, or trough, in the jet stream across the West is allowing ...

What state has the coldest temperature?

Portland and Multnomah County have both preemptively declared states of emergency ahead of an expected week ... with sustained sub-freezing temperatures and the potential for multiple inches of snow accumulation at the Willamette Valley floor.

What is the 10 day weather forecast?

Wind will be out of the south at 10 mph with gusts as high as 20 mph ... The high should be about 68 with a low of 51. Sunday is forecast to be mostly sunny with a high of 65 and a low of 43. News and Features

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