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Frequently Asked Questions

What does temporary job mean?

Temporary employment means hiring an employee for a contracted period. These contract or temp workers fulfill all the functions of regular employees and can help during increases in demands, or when your full-timers take vacations or go on maternity leave.

How long does temporary job last?

To avoid any confusion, a lot of temp agencies and companies who regularly use temps set a limit to the length of temporary contracts. These limits range from six months to 18 months. Most employment lawyers advise erring on the short side to avoid any conflicts.

How to list temp jobs on your resume?

How to list temp work on a resume Use a reverse-chronological format. If you have one to two instances of temp work in your history, then you can list those jobs separately as you would any full-time ... Group similar experiences. If you were employed by a staffing agency to perform at least three temp jobs, then you will need to group these items. Label your temp work. ... More items...

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