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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the weather in Tenerife on Christmas Day?

Tenerife will certainly feel warmer at Christmas when compared to the UK. On Christmas Day in 2017 the average temperature was 18°C and in 2018 it was 19°C. In 2019 it reached 22°C.

Is the shops in Tenerife Open on Christmas Day?

However, since Tenerife is a tourist destination all year round, most of the restaurants, bars and places will be open on Christmas day just like any other normal day. Some of the shops will be closed on the 25th of December since this is still a public holiday in all of Spain.

Where to have a Christmas party in Tenerife?

The Tramps Tenerife Club will host a Christmas party every night of December. Address: Centro Comercial Starco Av. Arquitecto Gomez Cuesta, s/n 38660 Playa de la Americas, Tenerife. Get in the festive spirit and celebrate: 20 - 26 December, 2 rooms - Free Entry.

What to wear to Christmas in Tenerife 2020?

On most winter nights you will need one, or at least a cardi, but for the daytime, you should always pack a bathing suit and flip flops. 2020 has certainly been a different year, so Christmas will not be the same with all the restrictions imposed by the authorities.

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