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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tenix Defence located in South Australia?

Tenix Defence provided design, manufacture, modification and repairs to all major in-service military vehicles in Australia. It had over 300 employees in Wingfield, South Australia and Bandiana, Victoria.

When did BAE Systems buy Tenix Defence Pty Ltd?

BAE Systems Australia has bought Tenix Defence Pty Ltd, for $775 million. The deal was signed in Sydney on 18 January, and remains subject to regulatory approvals in both Canberra and Washington DC, but is expected to be completed by mid-2008.

What are the two divisions of Tenix Defence?

It was part of Tenix until the defence contracting arm became known as Tenix Defence. It had two divisions: Tenix Marine and Tenix Aerospace and Defence (comprising the former Land, Aerospace and Electronic Systems divisions).

Who is the CEO of Tenix Defence Systems?

In April 2009, Tenix appointed former Lend Lease executive Ross Taylor as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. In September 2010, Tenix announced the acquisition of SDR Australia, a Western Australian-based mechanical engineering business servicing the resources and heavy industrial sectors.

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