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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a DMV in Tennessee?

Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles offices provide a number of basic driver and vehicle-related services. Specialized services are also available at select Tennessee DMV offices.

What is the DMV practice test?

The DMV practice tests on are designed to mirror the real thing. These tests allow you to practice with multiple-choice questions that resemble those on the actual written knowledge exam. Practice tests help you determine which sections of the driver manual require your extra attention.

How do you get a motorcycle license in Tennessee?

To get your TN motorcycle license, go to any full-service Department of Safety office location and do following: Submit proof of identity and residency. Provide EITHER your: Motorcycle Safety Foundation course certificate of completion. Pay the applicable motorcycle licensing fees.

How do you get drivers license in Tennessee?

Drivers who would like to apply for a drivers license in Tennessee must also pass a vision test, written driving knowledge exam and a road skills test. In many locations, drivers can make an appointment for the road skills test before visiting a licensing center.

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