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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Termez in Afghanistan a cul-de-sac?

Strategically perched on the Amu Darya, ancient Termez has seen borders become bridges and then become borders again. With the security situation in Afghanistan what it is, Termez and the wider Surkhondarya province remain a cul-de-sac. For those who do make it this far, a variety of Islamic and especially pre-Islamic sights await.

Where is the city of Termez in Uzbekistan?

Termez ( Uzbek: Termiz/Термиз; Tajik: Тирмиз; Persian: ترمذ ‎ Termez, Tirmiz; Arabic: ترمذ ‎ Tirmidh; Russian: Термез; Ancient Greek: Tàrmita, Thàrmis, Θέρμις) is a city in southern Uzbekistan, near the Hairatan border crossing with Afghanistan. It is the capital of Surxondaryo Region .

Where was the ancient city of Termez located?

Termez, on the right bank of the river Amu Darya, is one of Central Asia's old towns. The city has developed in various places in history throughout the current city, representing many cultural layers represented in ruins of historical sites. The city was known to Achaemenids in the 6th century BC.

Where was the Soviet military base in Termez?

During the Soviet–Afghan War (1979–1989), Termez was an important military base; over 100,000 Soviet troops were based there. A military airfield and a road-rail bridge across the Amu Darya (" Bridge of Friendship ") were built. In 1992 the Pedagogical Institute was upgraded to Termez State University.

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