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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the closest airport to Termez Uzbekistan?

The river Amu Darya divides the two countries of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan and the Afghanistan–Uzbekistan Friendship Bridge crosses the river to Hairatan in Afghanistan. Termez is also served by Termez Airport, with flights to Tashkent and Moscow.

Where did the city of Termez get its name?

The name of the city to Greek thermos "hot", tracing its name back to Alexander the Great. Others suggest that it came from Sanskrit taramato , meaning "on the river bank". The date of the founding of the city of Old Termez, located a few kilometers west of the modern city, is not known.

When did the German base in Termez close?

In 2001, Germany began operating a base in Termez. The military airfield was the main support base for German and Dutch forces operating with the ISAF for transiting goods into Afghanistan. It was closed in 2015.

Where was the Soviet military base in Termez?

During the Soviet–Afghan War (1979–1989), Termez was an important military base; over 100,000 Soviet troops were based there. A military airfield and a road-rail bridge across the Amu Darya (" Bridge of Friendship ") were built. In 1992 the Pedagogical Institute was upgraded to Termez State University.

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