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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dictionary definition of the word terrible?

Define terrible. terrible synonyms, terrible pronunciation, terrible translation, English dictionary definition of terrible. adj. 1. Causing great fear or alarm; dreadful: a terrible bolt of lightning; a terrible curse.

Which is the best definition of the word bad?

1 : extremely bad: such as a : notably unattractive or objectionable terrible behavior b : of very poor quality a terrible movie c : strongly repulsive : obnoxious a terrible smell

When do you use the adverb Terrible in a sentence?

In writing or conversation, you use terrible to say that something is very shocking or distressing. That was a terrible air crash last week. The adverb terribly is sometimes used for emphasizing how shocking or distressing something is.

Which is the best example of a terrible event?

An example of terrible is a terrible mistake such as dumping an entire casserole on the floor before a dinner party. An example of terrible is a terrible event such as someone arriving back to their campsite and seeing a bear eating their food.

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