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Frequently Asked Questions

What went wrong in the Braves'game against the Phillies?

A controversial lost replay challenge by the Atlanta Braves in the ninth inning on Sunday night was the difference in the game, as the visiting Philadelphia Phillies came from behind in a wild 7-6 victory. Plate umpire Lance Barrett called Bohm safe, though replays showed he might never have touched home plate.

What was the Braves'controversial call at the plate in 9th?

The Braves are on the verge of a 7-6 loss to the Phillies thanks to a highly questionable call at the plate in the top of the ninth inning. Phillies infielder Alec Bohm scored on a shallow fly ball to left field. Bohm beat the throw to the plate, but it was unclear if his foot actually touched the plate.

What happened to Alec Bohm in the Phillies' game?

Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm was called safe on the field after sliding into home on a Didi Gregorius sacrifice fly in the top of the ninth inning, breaking a 6-6 tie. However, replay seemingly showed Bohm never touched home plate—his foot only got to the chalk of the batter's box—and should have been ruled out.

What did Drew Smyly say after the Braves' game?

"In real time, it's bang-bang," Braves starter Drew Smyly told reporters after the game. "We have five different angles on a national televised game, and it's clear that his foot didn't touch the plate. That it was on the chalk. For MLB not to overturn that, it's embarrassing.

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