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Why was the officiating so bad in the Super Bowl?

The issue just gets magnified because it's the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay's 31-9 victory over Kansas City has numerous storylines but make no mistake, the officiating, especially in the first half, is one of the biggest because of how small the refs were. Several key first half sequences changed the course of the game and will be discussed for years.

What is the greatest play in Super Bowl history?

Arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl history, the helmet catch that New York Giants wideout David Tyree had against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII became a symbol for all underdogs everywhere.

Are Super Bowl referees supposed to be flawless?

Although we all think that referees are supposed to be flawless while they call a game, anyone who watches a lot of sports knows that that’s just not case—nor realistic for anyone to actually do. Yet, in the biggest sporting event each year, the Super Bowl, we all hope that the outcome isn’t affected by the zebras.

Did officials want Tom Brady to win Super Bowl 55?

As the penalties in the first half mounted against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 55 the Internet, never full of conspiracy theories, ever, started the inevitable speculation that game officials wanted Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady to win. There's no conspiracy.

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