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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more behind the lube place in terrible's?

There are more behind the lube place that are also broken. This place is always busy as it's the only Terrible's offering this service on this side of town - basically take the time to go to one of the guys down the street.

How much does it cost to upgrade oil at AutoZone?

Upgraded oil, gas treatment, $25 air filters that cost $15 at AutoZone. Assuming you said no to the add-ons, you fork over your 50 bucks and slip into line for your free car wash. Whoa hold up, not so fast.

What are people saying about oil change stations services in Henderson?

What are people saying about oil change stations services in Henderson, NV? "I'm very fussy about where I take my car. I have a lot invested in it and i'm always looking for that one shop that I trust and will go back to.

Is autoxperts a good place to get an oil change?

Auto Xperts Did a good job of changing my oil but I” more “ me, wasn't also running bank and forth to change tires and put cars on lifts for oil changes ” more “I was very disappointed when this business charged my 17 old daughter $97 for an oil change. Walmart” more

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