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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put winter wheels&tires on your Model 3 performance?

If you've received your 2021 Model 3 Performance, have you put winter wheels&tires on? Neither, but I like to participate in polls so I will select this option. I'm following a bunch of different threads and have possibly confused myself. I want to put non-tesla winter wheels and tires on our new 2021 M3 Performance for the following reasons:

What are the pros and cons of Tesla winter tires?

Benefits are also that the official Tesla winter tires can be swapped by roadside service if you have a flat. They come with the right TPMS, and the Gemini version is a bit more aero than most third party options. I ordered an 18 in wheel/tire set from tsportline.

Does Tesla charge for TPMs with 18 inch wheels?

I ordered an 18 in wheel/tire set from tsportline. If you buy the wheel/tire set and tell them you have a 2021 they will put the right tpms in no charge. You just have to add a note to your order. TPMS is $75 each wheel from Tesla. I don’t have the car or the wheels in yet but customer service has been great already.

Do all Model 3's have the same wheels?

All model 3's have the same wheels on all four corners, they are not staggered (wider rears). Many aftermarket options offer staggered wheels because it gives a more aggressive look with a wider rear.

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