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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appointment of a resident agent?

A resident agent and registered office must be included in the Articles of Organization. A resident agent is someone who is appointed by the company to receive any documents, notices, or demands served upon the company.

Who is the appointment of agent?

Appointment of Agents. Where a person is unable to collect their payment or manage their financial affairs a person may be appointed as their agent. An agent can be appointed on a temporary or on a long-term basis, to collect payments or act on behalf of the customer.

What is an appointment of agent form?

Appointment of an agent form. An agent is someone who can act for you when dealing with a service of the Ministry of Social Development or a contracted service provider (if you have one assigned to you). If you are a student and want to appoint an agent for dealing with StudyLink, you will need to complete a different form.

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