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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of the Texas Comptroller?

Duties. The primary duty of the Comptroller's office is to collect substantially all tax revenue owed to the State of Texas. This involves more than 60 different types of taxes from the sales tax (the largest source of the state's tax revenue, since Texas does not have a personal income tax) to minor items such as the "battery sales fee"...

What is Texas identification number?

Texas Identification Number. The Comptroller's office uses the Texas Identification Number (TIN) to track and process all payments made to a payee. When you start doing business with the state or receive any other state payment for the first time, the agency you are doing business with will provide you with an Application for Texas Identification Number form (AP-152) .

What is Texas State Tax ID?

A Texas tax id number can be one of two state tax ID numbers: a seller's permit also called a sales tax ID or a state employer Number ID for employee tax withholding. Then there is a Federal Tax ID Number, a Business Tax Registration Number, and a Social Security Number for your personal income tax.

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