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Frequently Asked Questions

What transactions are subject to the sales tax in Texas?

Sales of janitorial services are subject to sales tax in Texas. Sales of transportation services are exempt from the sales tax in Texas.

What items are taxable in Texas?

In the state of Texas, food products like flour, sugar, bread, milk or produce are not taxable. However, other items that you might purchase at the grocery store, such as paper products, pet food, shampoo or greeting cards are subject to sales tax. Alcoholic beverages like beer and wine are also taxable.

What is Texas sales tax exemption certificate?

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. A sales tax exemption certificate can be used by businesses (or in some cases, individuals) who are making purchases that are exempt from the Texas sales tax.

What is Texas franchise tax exemption?

One of the most important exemptions for the Texas franchise tax is the exempt passive entity. Exempt passive entities will be required to file annual information statements to verify that the passive entity qualifications are met, but they will owe zero tax.

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