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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the holidays in Texas in 2022?

Texas Holidays 2022 - United States Date Weekday Day Name CW January 1, 2022 Sat New Year's Day January 1, 2022 Saturday Sat New Year's Day CW 52 January 17, 2022 Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 17, 2022 Monday Mon Martin Luther King Jr. Day CW 03 28 more rows ...

When is a state holiday in the state of Texas?

A state agency must have enough state employees on duty during a state holiday to conduct the public business of the agency, except on state holidays that fall on a weekend, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, December 24, and December 26 (Texas Government Code, Section 662.004).

What are the state holidays for fiscal year 2021?

State Holiday Schedule Fiscal Year 2021 . HOLIDAY AGENCY STATUS DATE DAY OF WEEK Labor Day All agencies closed 09/07/20 Monday Rosh Hashanah 09/19/20 Saturday Rosh Hashanah 09/20/20 Sunday Yom Kippur Optional Holiday 09/28/20 Monday Veterans Day All agencies closed 11/11/20 Wednesday Thanksgiving Day All agencies closed 11/26/20 Thursday

Can a state employee work on a holiday in Texas?

An employee who actually works on a national holiday or a state holiday, if the holiday does not fall on a weekend, will be allowed compensatory time off during the 12-month period following the date of the holiday worked (Texas Government Code, Section 662.007).

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