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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a map for display?

The Map Shop has a great product that allows beautifully printed maps to be economically mounted for display on any wall of your choosing. We make custom maps for businesses and for home and office decor. Any location, any style, any size, any format.

What kind of stock is this Texas map made on?

This beautiful reproduction is printed on heavy acid free stock that is excellent for framing. In 1845 the Republic of Texas bisected the westward expansion of the fledgling United States covering a vast range of territory from Mexico to Wyoming.

What is the map shop?

The Map Shop is the world’s best resource for maps and travel products. We carry products that represent the places that are most important to our customers along with the tools to help them get there.

How many maps are in the Texas history CD?

This CD contains 155 beautiful high-resolution images of historic maps of Texas, Texas cities and counties and early North American maps showing Texas in relation to the growing United States.

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