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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the bartender at Texas Roadhouse Prescott AZ?

Learn more. Start your review of Texas Roadhouse. This was the third time I have been to Texas Roadhouse and it really changed my view of this restaurant. Our bartender (can't remember her name but she was blonde and her name started with a K) was super friendly and attentive.

What foods are served at Texas Roadhouse in Prescott?

A friend & I both got delicious prime rib, hubby got the filet medallions, Mom got the salmon & friend's son got the older kids meal of steak & fries. 3 of... us carb-splurged on those wonderful yeasty rolls!

How long does it take to get to Texas Roadhouse?

I didn't like her from the get!! Told us 20 to 30 mins, so,... wife was working on a prefect and Michaels was right there, we drove in case they called, as soon as we got there, they text. so, that didn't work.

What kind of ribs are at Texas Roadhouse?

Waitress was spot on, got my beer, got her wine, ordered a combo hors d'oeuvres ( Love spell check on that one!!) That was great, My beer was great, her wine, house Merlot, so far, so great!! She got Chicken crusted something, I got the 10 oz rib eye and Ribs combo.

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