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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Texas calculate unemployment?

Texas calculates unemployment benefits between $60 and $415 a week based on your weekly wage in the base period. To determine the weekly benefit amount, the Texas Workforce Commission calculates the highest quarter earnings total in the base period and divides by 25. Texas adjusts that figure, if necessary, to come within the state benefits range.

How long does it take for Texas unemployment?

Most unemployment claims in Texas take about three to four weeks to process. The Texas Workforce Commission must verify your claim with employers and may need to interview you or your employer to determine your eligibility.

How long can I collect unemployment Texas?

Regular unemployment benefits last up to 26 weeks. Once those are exhausted, qualified Texans can apply for emergency unemployment benefits. Tier I emergency benefits last 20 weeks, followed by 14 weeks of Tier II benefits.

How do you determine unemployment benefits in Texas?

Texas unemployment benefits are determined by the amount of wages you earn during your base period. Base periods are the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters immediately before the beginning of your benefit year.

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