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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Texas Workforce Commission ( TWC )?

Texas Workforce Commission collects personal information entered into electronic forms on this Internet site. For more information on your rights to request, review and correct information submitted on this electronic form, please see TWC's Privacy and Security Information.

How to find out about workforce in Texas?

Find workforce experts, start-up and business resources, basic federal tax information and more. Find labor market information for the Texas economy and workforce. Use tools to target your business development and learn more about your industry. Track the future outlook for occupations in Texas. Get current economic news and numbers.

How to log in to unemployment benefits services?

Unemployment Benefits Services allows individuals to submit new applications for unemployment benefits, submit payment requests, get claim and payment status information, change their benefit payment option, update their address or phone number, view IRS 1099-G information, and respond to work search log requests.

How to apply for unemployment benefits in Texas?

New to Unemployment Benefit Services? If you already have a User ID for another TWC Internet application, such as, try logging on with that ID. Otherwise, please sign up for a User ID .

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