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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some texting symbols?

Another very common texting symbol is :) which means that the sender is feeling happy or playful. Its opposite is the texting symbol :( which means that the sender is currently feeling unhappy.Some texting symbols are more interpretive, such as the texting symbol *$ which means "Starbucks.".

What does this symbol mean in texting?

msg - message ("Msg me later if you want more details.") n - in ("He's n the garage.") peeps - people ("Hey peeps! Going out l8r?") pita - pain in the a** ("Studying for finals is a pita.")

What does the text message symbol mean?

Symbols in text messaging are meant to represent expressions by the sender. For example, some symbols can represent facial expressions so you will imagine as if the sender is actually in front of you. Other symbols are used to shorten words that otherwise would have been longer to send. /philip ice.

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