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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get texture packs for Minecraft PE?

Install Minecraft PE Texture Packs for iOS Jailbreak Here are the stuff you need: iFile (Cydia Default Repo) First get a texture file choose to ‘Open w/ iFile’. Then choose extract all files/folders. Hold down in the folder and choose ‘Select All’. Then go to the bottom right, and choose Copy/Link.

How do you make your own texture pack?

Step 1: Make a new folder on your desktop. Step 2: go to start type in %appdata% go to .minecraft and texture packs. Take the default or any texture pack, right click and copy it. Step 3: Paste the texture pack into the folder you just made that is on your desktop.

How do you mod Minecraft PE?

Tap Copy to Minecraft. It's the Minecraft app icon found in the pop-up menu. This will open both the Minecraft app and the mod inside of Minecraft. You may have to scroll right (swipe left) over the top row of options in the pop-up menu to see Minecraft's app icon.

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