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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to eat Thai food in New York?

Thai street food, Sauteed crispy pork belly,hot pepper, string bean, basil leaves in chili garlic with fried egg. Hot and spicy.

Are there any allergens in Thai Express products?

Thai Express offers products containing fish, shellfish, crustaceans, mollusc, sesame, soy, modified milk product, egg, wheat, peanuts, cashew, and other allergens.

When is home taste ofhai express lunch specials?

We are proud to use ingredients from local farms and businesses whenever possible. Please make sure to take advantage of our Lunch Specials, served from 11:00 - 3:00 Monday through Friday. It’s definitely one of the best deals in town!

Are there any Thai recipes that are authentic?

Because our authentically Thai recipes are the secret to our success, we are unable to list all of our ingredients, but please let us know of any food allergies or dietary restrictions you may have, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Don't feel like dining in with us today?... Don't worry.

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