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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Thai expression in New South Wales?

Thai cuisines are famous around the world because it always has aromatic herbs, fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. Here at Thai Expression, you will be served authentic and delicious Thai cuisines, which you will definitely love. We are located at Great North rd, Five Dock in New South Wales.

What do you say if someone can't speak Thai?

For simplicity sake, say chai for ‘yes’ and mai chai for ‘no.’ Although more advanced speakers use different words, Thai vendors will understand your intentions. This is one of those really useful Thai phrases. If a Thai person can’t speak English, they will usually answer mai dai (cannot) or nit noy / nit dee-ao (a little).

How is the grammar of the Thai language?

When the new language is Thai, the difficult task seemingly transforms into an impossible feat. Thai grammar is relatively simple. The language is tonal, however (of which there are five). The meaning of every word depends on how it is said.

Which is the consonant at the end of a Thai word?

Lastly, the end consonant (the ‘t’ in cat, the ‘k’ in book) in all Thai words is rarely enunciated. Although your lips and tongue form the ‘t,’ ‘p,’ or ‘k’ at the end of the word, you stop short of exhaling any air. It helps to imagine the letter being really tiny at the end of the word.

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