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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Thai spoon cafe?

We serve only the freshest and finest ingredients. Here at Thai Spoon Cafe, you will experience the liveliness and excitement of our exhibition kitchen. Our extraordinary fast and friendly wait staff wishes to make your visit to us an unforgettable event.

Where is Thai spoon two located?

Welcome to Thai Spoon Two Located in Loma Linda California! Just like our sister location at Thai Spoon One. We offer authentic Thai cuisine. Choose from our appetizers, soups, Entrees and other traditional Thai specialties & much, much more.

What are the best side dishes to order at a Thai restaurant?

Side to choose from: steamed rice, steamed noodles, or steamed vegetables. Thai spicy and sour soup with lemongrass flavor, chili, mushrooms, onions, cilantro and scallions. Thai coconut milk soup with lemongrass flavor, chicken, mushrooms, onions, lime juice and scallions.

What do you serve at a Thai dinner party?

Sweet sticky rice with a scoop of ice cream (your choice of coconut, mango or Thai tea) surrounded by crunchy slices of banana and topped with honey and sesame seed. Lightly battered cheese cake deep-fried served with whipped cream, chocolate and cheery on top.

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