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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Thai spoon two located?

Welcome to Thai Spoon Two Located in Loma Linda California! Just like our sister location at Thai Spoon One. We offer authentic Thai cuisine. Choose from our appetizers, soups, Entrees and other traditional Thai specialties & much, much more. Come to dine in or take out!

Why choose Thai spoon Durham?

Thai Spoon welcomes Durham diners to experience the journey of Thai taste with our friendly service. Truly Thai in spirit, Thai Spoon evokes a sense of culture and authenticity by fusing Thai culinary traditions with a modern interpretation.

What is the difference between a spoon and a fork?

The spoon (usually a table spoon) is used to bring food to your mouth. The fork is used to manuveur your food around your plate and onto the spoon. Generally, spoon in the right hand; fork in the left.

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