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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best newspaper to read in Brisbane?

Brisbane Times brings readers breaking news, as it happens in Queensland and around the country. They deliver a dynamic online news experience, updated throughout the day, seven days a week.

When was the Daily Mail created in Brisbane?

One of the paper’s many competitors over the years, The Daily Mail was launched in Brisbane in 1903. It did not remain a competitor for long; in 1933 The Courier-Mail was formed through the merger of The Courier and The Daily Mail, and Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd was born. In 1987, News Corp acquired Queensland Newspapers.

Where can I get a newspaper in Queensland?

Most are available 24/7 away from State Library using your State Library membership. State Library microfilms Queensland newspapers to protect the print editions, yet still provide access to the information in them. Our collection includes the Courier Mail, and its predecessors, from the first issue of the Moreton Bay Courier in 1846.

Which is the oldest surviving newspaper in Queensland?

Queensland Times is the oldest surviving provincial paper in Queensland. Founded in 1859 as the Ipswich Herald, it has continued ever since. Until a printer’s strike briefly interrupted production in 1972, it had the proud record of never having missed a scheduled issue, in spite of fires, floods and machinery breakdowns.

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