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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CBH Group and what do they do?

The CBH Group (commonly known as CBH, an acronym for Co-operative Bulk Handling), is a grain growers' cooperative that handles, markets and processes grain from the wheatbelt of Western Australia Contents

Where are CBH grain stores located in Australia?

The CBH Group is based in Western Australia (WA), the country’s largest wheat producing state, and is owned and controlled by around 4,800 grower shareholders. CBH receives, handles, stores and outloads bulk grain at almost 200 receival sites throughout the state’s 300,000 km2 grain belt.

Why was the CBH formed in Western Australia?

CBH was formed on 5 April 1933, at a time when a royal commission on bulk handling of grain was in progress, and after over 20 years of failed proposals for bulk handling of grain in Western Australia.

Where does the CBH Group get their wheat from?

Australian Wheat - Your product of choice With international marketing offices in Australia, Hong Kong and Japan and accumulation offices in Australia and Russia, the CBH Group is a first class, multi origin grain supplier to over 30 countries. Australia produces only white wheat varieties.

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