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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Comedy Store in West Hollywood?

8433 W. Sunset Boulevard is a legendary address. It is the home of The Comedy Store, the greatest stand-up comedy club in the world. The Store was founded April 7, 1972, on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood by comedian Sammy Shore, his wife Mitzi and comedy writer Rudy DeLuca.

Who are the owners of the Comedy Store?

Established in 1972. The Comedy Store opened in April of 1972 by comedians Sammy Shore and Rudy DeLuca. After a few years Mitzi Shore took ownership of The Store and it really began to thrive. Mitzi renovated and the club and it now includes a 450-seat Main Room, 250-seat Original Room and 100-seat Belly Room.

Is the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip?

The World Famous Comedy Store Hollywood is a historic fixture on the Sunset Strip bringing the biggest names in standup comedy to Hollywood's doorstep.… Is there a dress code? Shirt shoes and pants!

Is it a good night at the Comedy Store?

Classic. It's just always a good night at The Comedy Store. You may want to leave after a few laugh makers get your belly rolling...the night can go deep into the dark sometimes lasting until 1am ish. But stay! You never know what you might miss. To be at The Comedy Store, is to stand where the legends have.

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