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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the comedians at the Comedy Store?

Angel Gaines, Steve Wilson, Mona Shaikh, Jeremy Scippio +more! Get your tickets now! Low Ticket Warning! Get you tickets now! Low Ticket Warning! Submissions for our Open Call For Artists are Now Open! Tickets for Submissions for our Open Call For Artists are Now Open! *SOLD OUT* Best of the Store - Sebastian, Marc Maron, Pauly Shore +more!

Why was there a strike at the Comedy Store?

Beginning in 1979, The Comedy Store served for many years as the host location for the annual HBO Young Comedians specials. Tension between the club owners stems from a 1979 strike of Los Angeles comedians against the Comedy Store’s “no-pay policy.” Until that time, neither Shore nor Friedman paid comedians a salary.

When did the Comedy Store in Hollywood open?

History. The Comedy Store was opened in April 1972 by comedians Sammy Shore (1927–2019), and Rudy De Luca. The building was formerly the home of Ciro's, a popular Hollywood nightclub owned by William Wilkerson, and later a rock and roll venue, where The Byrds were discovered in 1964. When the venue reopened as The Comedy Store in 1972,...

Do you have to buy tickets in advance at the Comedy Store?

-Tickets for indoor seated live events must be purchased in advance. There will be no tickets sold at the door and no stand-by lines. -Show attendees must display a negative Covid test before entry.

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