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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daily Mail a reliable source?

The Daily Mail is not a reliable news source. They are a shock/horror paper, and routinely put out horribly biased and/or badly researched stories in order to grab attention and sell copies. The odd thing is, they don't tend to be biased in any particular direction, and will pick on absolutely anyone.

Is the Daily Mail real?

is REAL & SATIRE. Daily Mail is considered a tabloid magazine, published daily. It is the biggest such publication in the U.K., with Ireland and Scotland editions. It is considered conservative and right-of-center, but folks from other countries such take note that those terms will likely mean different things in the U.K. than in, say, the U.S.

Who is the owner of Daily Mail?

Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT) is a British media company, the owner of The Daily Mail and several other titles. The company manages a multinational portfolio of companies, with total revenues of almost £2 billion.

What is Daily Mail UK?

The Daily Mail is a large, well-known newspaper. It started in 1896. It is published every weekday and Saturday from a factory in London, England. It is not printed on Sundays. Its sister paper, the Mail on Sunday, is printed instead.

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