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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the Green Knight?

Dev Patel ... Gawain Alicia Vikander ... Lady / Essel Joel Edgerton ... Lord Sarita Choudhury ... Mother Sean Harris ... King 17 more rows ...

Who is Gawain in the Green Knight movie?

Gawain (Dev Patel) is the nephew to the King of England (Sean Harris). He longs to be accepted as a respected knight but he has no adventures to his name. Then one Christmas, a Green Knight (Ralph Ineson) enters the kingdom and challenges any daring knight to a game.

Is the Green Knight based on a true story?

An epic fantasy adventure based on the timeless Arthurian legend, The Green Knight tells the story of Sir Gawain, King Arthur's reckless and headstrong nephew, who embarks on a daring quest to confront the eponymous Green Knight, a gigantic emerald-skinned stranger and tester of men.

Is the Green Knight a good movie to watch?

Lowery's The Green Knight is the kind of movie that will leave you thinking long after the credits roll and it's all the better for that. It may not be for everyone, but it's a brutal journey, beautifully crafted with stellar performances. September 7, 2021 | Full Review…

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