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Frequently Asked Questions

Who translated Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

• The first modern edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was translated by J. R. R. Tolkien, a respected scholar of Old and Middle English as well as the author of The Lord of the Rings. Meet the Author The Gawain Poet’s rich imagination and skill with language have earned him recognition as one of the greatest medieval English poets.

What does the Green Knight look like?

There rushes in at the hall-door a knight of gigantic stature—the greatest on earth—in measure high. He was clothed entirely in green, and rode upon a green foal (ll. 116-178). Fair wavy hair fell about the shoulders of the Green Knight, and a great beard like a bush hung upon his breast (ll. 179-202).

Who is the original hero of the Green Knight?

So far as the mediæval versions are concerned, the original hero is undoubtedly Gawain; and our poem gives the fullest and most complete form of the story we possess. In the Irish version the magician is a giant, and the abnormal size and stature of the Green Knight is, in all probability, the survival of a primitive feature.

Where is the final Forest in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

Sir F. Madden suggests that the forest which forms the final stage of Gawain's journey is that of Inglewood, in Cumberland. The geography here is far clearer than is often the case in such descriptions. 9. 'Twas the fairest castle that ever a knight owned.

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