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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Nugget store in Davis CA?

This Nugget is huge and the selection is much larger than the ones I've shopped at in Davis and Woodland. There were tables outdoors in the shade, perfect for us to eat our lunches. Many years ago I went to a cooking class at this Nugget store. I don't imagine they have them anymore but if they ever offer them again, post-Covid, I'd attend.

How often does Nugget Market deliver fresh fruits and vegetables?

For the finest selection of fresh, local and organic ​fruits and vegetables delivered six days a week, drop by our produce department and see what’s ripe for the picking! Learn more about our produce department.

What kind of ingredients are used at Nugget Markets?

For our Homemade creations, we use only the highest quality ingredients like real Plugra butter, artisan flour, fresh fruit and rich Callebaut chocolate to bring you all the goodness of home cooking without all the work. As ​for our breads, our artisan loaves, rolls and baguettes are made from scratch, hand-shaped and baked fresh daily.

How long is the line at Nugget Markets?

Once you enter the market, the line is off to the right near the bakery. Depending what time you go, there may or may not be a line for sandwiches. On weekends and holidays, the line can be 6-8 people long. Most often times they have 3-4 staff making sandwiches.

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