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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Red Rooster club in Vegas?

I recently posted this review on a completely unrelated forum, but I've heard the Red Rooster club being discussed enough over the years that I figured I may as well give my $.02 on a Vegas forum. The place is called Red Rooster.

What do you think of the Red Rooster?

Start your review of The Red Rooster. Its a great place... dont even have to be in the lifestyle. Its fun. Now karaoke Wednesdays .. and they're adding Latin night on Thursday's. .. should be even more fun. Think ill check out Thursday. Went to the Rooster on a Wednesday and it was rather quiet. Went back on Saturday and the place was packed.

Where is the couples area at Red Rooster?

The couples area upstairs consists of a small sitting area with four couches surrounding a TV showing porn, an open area with railing allowing you to look down to the bar, and the entrance to the play rooms.

Which is better red rooster or Green Door?

- Las Vegas Forum - Tripadvisor red rooster or green door? red rooster or green door? which is better club to meet other mid 30s and up crowds? are there better clubs.... 1. Re: red rooster or green door? 2. Re: red rooster or green door? I have a feeling this thread wil get toasted but here we go. The avg. age in the lifestyle is 40 plus.

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