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Frequently Asked Questions

How is torque related to power?

Horsepower is related to torque in that it uses torque as part of its equation. Horsepower equals the amount of torque applied times the distance traveled, divided by the time it took to travel that distance. In other words, the amount of work completed in a period of time equals power.

What is the difference between energy/work and torque?

Torque is a vector which indicates the angular acceleration of an object around an axis, while work is a scalar which indicates the increase in energy of an object being accelerated along a path.

What is the relation between torque and force?

Force is a unit used to describe an intensity in translational motion, whereas torque is a unit of intensity in rotational motion. Well force and torque are related. When you apply force in couple (equal and opposite)on any object, it gets converted into torque.

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