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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 21 Day Smoothie diet a Detox Plan?

The Smoothie Diet review contains two plans. The first one – “The Detox plan”, where you replace all your three main meals with healthy smoothies which keep you feel fullness all day long. Another plan includes the 21-day plan where you replace two meals with a smoothie and have one solid food with a few snacking.

How many days a week for Smoothie diet?

5 Week Program for 7 Days a Week (Sunday’s a cheat day) The greatest thing about The Smoothie Diet is just how easy it is to do and receive results.

Who is the author of the Smoothie diet?

Drew Sgoutas is the author of The Smoothie Diet. He is a Nutritional Expert and a Board-Certified Health Coach. His career is dedicated to helping people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals by following realistic exercise regimes and by cooking delicious recipes using real ingredients.

How does the Smoothie diet help you lose weight?

As health and fitness experts say, losing weight and keeping it off safely is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise, and that’s precisely what you get with The Smoothie Diet. This online program is infused with an abundance of valuable knowledge that teaches you all about nutrition and how it contributes to your health and weight.

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