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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there couples at Red Rooster in Las Vegas?

Nothing but single men, no couples Second trip on Saturday night around 11:00 pm, better security in place, about 50 single men, and six couples in the "couples only area". I would not reccomend the place.

How big is the Red Rooster in Las Vegas?

Established as a hose party in 1982 for those interested in “the lifestyle,” The Red Rooster has grown from a small home into a 13,000 square foot Mecca of adult nightlife. The club features many rooms for couples or singles to mingle in and an outdoor patio with a pool and hot tub.

What kind of club is the Red Rooster?

The first thing I noticed once I walked in was that the Red Rooster is a grown folks night club. Nearly everyone was dressed up ( men and women). Meanwhile, I stuck out like a sore thumb, because I looked like I was going to Hip Hop concert.

What to know about Red Rooster to Green Door?

Re: would like to rooster to green door vital Vegas (podcast) episode 35 - Scott tours the Green Door and provides some insight. Likely the info you are looking for.

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