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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Starboy by The Weeknd come out?

A year after the release of his GRAMMY®-winning breakthrough—2015’s Beauty Behind the Madness —The Weeknd returns with Starboy, a double album of interstellar soul and feverish R&B that orbits around an ambitious title character.

What was the music video for Starboy about?

Starboy (song) In the music video, The Weeknd is shown trying to destroy evidence of his previous self, including his own awards from his past album, Beauty Behind the Madness. The video has been described as The Weeknd's attempt to murder his former persona.

What kind of car does The Weeknd drive in Starboy?

The song and video feature The Weeknd's personal McLaren P1, which he drives at the end of the video.

What's the name of The Weeknd's new album?

Starboy is The Weeknd ’s highly anticipated third studio album (excluding the mixtape compilation album Trilogy ). The “king of the fall” announced the album after teasing his fans on his instagram.

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