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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of surgery did The Weeknd have?

Yesterday, The Weeknd appeared his new music video for “Save Your Tears,” in which he appears to have undergone serious facial reconstructive surgery — the botched, billionaire socialite kind. In a new music video, he appeared with massive cheek implants, fillers, and a whittled-down nose.

What kind of face does The Weeknd have?

The Weeknd has been using his face of late as a statement, including a battered aesthetic in the short film “After Hours,” which has the same name as his most recent album. The music video for “Blinding Lights” featured his post-bender bloodied and bruised mug — a look he re-created for the MTV Video Music Awards last August.

Why is The Weeknd using prosthetics for his face?

Despite growing concern about the Weekend's face, multiple outlets have confirmed that the singer hasn't actually gone under the knife or sustained any serious facial injuries. Instead, he's been using prosthetics and makeup to tell the dark and twisted story embedded in his 2019 album After Hours >>>P.

How old is The Weeknd in Save Your Tears?

The Weeknd sure is embracing “new year, new you.” The 30-year-old singer and Super Bowl 2021 half-time performer sports some disturbing alterations to his face — akin to extreme plastic surgery — in the video for his new song, “Save Your Tears,” which premiered Tuesday and is from his “After Hours” album.

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